IT Support & Managed It Services Perth


IT Support & Managed It Services Perth

Simplify Your Network With SD-WAN

Managing complex networks across multiple locations is a daunting task for businesses. This is why many companies are using SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking), to simplify their network management. At Austin Technology, we understand the importance of simplicity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in networking solutions. Our SD-WAN services empower businesses to streamline operations and embrace the future of networking technology.

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Managed IT Services Perth

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IT Support & Managed It Services Perth


Managed IT Services Perth

The Power of SD-WAN

SD-WAN simplifies wide area network management by leveraging software-defined principles. It allows businesses to connect and manage their networks, regardless of geographical distances. By abstracting network hardware and centralising control, SD-WAN offers flexibility, scalability and centralised management capabilities that traditional WANs struggle to provide.

Key Benefits of SD-WAN

1. Optimal Performance and User Experience
SD-WAN takes your network performance to new heights by dynamically routing traffic over the most efficient paths. Through intelligent traffic steering and real-time analytics, SD-WAN ensures each application receives the best possible path, resulting in faster response times, improved user experiences and heightened productivity across your network.
2. Cost-Effective Solution

Say goodbye to expensive MPLS connections and dedicated hardware. SD-WAN offers cost savings by utilising affordable internet connections, such as broadband or 4G/5G, alongside existing infrastructure. This cost-effective approach allows businesses to optimise network performance while reducing operational expenses.

3. Network Agility and Scalability
SD-WAN provides the flexibility and scalability your business needs to adapt and grow. It simplifies network management, making it easy to add or remove locations, adjust bandwidth requirements and integrate new network services seamlessly. With SD-WAN, your network can effortlessly scale to accommodate evolving needs and support future expansion.
4. Simplified Network Management

Streamline your network management processes with SD-WAN’s centralised control and automation capabilities. A single management interface allows you to configure, monitor and manage your entire network infrastructure with ease. This simplified approach reduces complexity, enhances visibility into network performance and streamlines troubleshooting, freeing up your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.

5. Enhanced Security and Compliance
Data security is a top priority for businesses. SD-WAN offers advanced security features, including end-to-end encryption, integrated firewalls and secure access controls. With SD-WAN, you can enforce consistent security policies across all network locations, ensuring data confidentiality and compliance with industry regulations.

Your SD-WAN Solution

Partnering with leading SD-WAN vendors, we ensure that our solutions leverage cutting-edge technology, giving you a competitive advantage. From initial design to deployment and ongoing support, we handle the end-to-end implementation process, so you can focus on what matters most—your business.

Unlock the potential of your network with SD-WAN. Contact us today to learn more about how our SD-WAN solutions can transform your network infrastructure and drive your business forward.

IT Support & Managed


IT Support & Managed It Services Perth


Managed IT Services Perth
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Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. If you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered, please feel free to contact us.

Without an effective IT plan, your business can be left behind or worse, become a potential target for cybercriminals. IT can help improve productivity, reduce costs and offer greater flexibility within the workplace.

Each business will have a customised IT strategy created for them. In general, businesses should adopt a cloud-based computing service, advanced network security and up-to-date hardware and software. Outsourcing your IT services means most of these services are included, saving you the cost of updating your equipment.

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way businesses operate. Businesses using the cloud are more efficient and have greater flexibility – an essential for today’s working environment. Plus, cloud computing keeps your data more secure – another essential to fight potential cyberattacks.
MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. An MSP provides proactive IT services such as monitoring and maintaining computer systems, managing software and hardware, providing technical support and securing networks.
Managed Services refer to the proactive outsourcing of IT support and management to an external service provider, such as an MSP. The goal of managed services is to provide businesses with predictable and reliable IT support while reducing costs and improving performance.

There are several benefits to using an MSP, including:

  • Reduced IT costs: MSPs can offer IT services at a lower cost than in-house IT departments, due to economies of scale.
  • Access to expertise: MSPs have a team of IT experts with a broad range of skills and experience, who can provide specialised IT services.
  • Proactive IT management: MSPs can monitor and maintain IT systems, identify issues before they become problems and proactively take steps to prevent downtime or data loss.
  • Scalability: MSPs can easily scale IT services up or down to meet changing business needs, without the need for additional staff or resources.
  • Focus on core business: Outsourcing IT services to an MSP allows businesses to focus on their core competencies and strategic goals, rather than spending time and resources on IT management.

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. In today’s digital age, cyber threats are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Cyber attacks can cause significant damage to businesses, including financial loss, reputational damage and legal liability. Businesses need to take proactive measures to protect their networks, systems and data from cyber threats, such as implementing strong passwords, using encryption, regularly updating software and providing employee training on cybersecurity best practices. Additionally, businesses should consider working with a managed service provider that specialises in cybersecurity to help protect against cyber threats.

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