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We’re more than just an IT company and technology provider – we’re a partner that has your best interest as our number one focus.

About Austin Technology

Austin Technology has been helping the small and medium enterprises of Perth eliminate technology frustrations and grow their business. Our objective has always been the same: we handle all your IT, while you gain the peace of mind you need to focus solely on your business.

We have been providing leading end-to-end infrastructure solutions as an IT company dedicated to helping organisations solve business challenges. We empower organisations to take a holistic approach to building intelligent solutions for their environment, whether it is on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid model.

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Merry Korri
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Speedy response and fix, always a pleasure to deal with Sarita.
Dave Combs
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Dealt with swiftly and efficiently as always Many thanks
Wilson Maake
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IT's finest work up to date, so great and brilliant! thanks IT
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Quick and spent time explaining how to use
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We have the expertise and are your one stop shop to everything IT.

Our Company Values

Exceptional Service Measured

We’ve been put through the paces time and time again, we constantly measure client satisfaction and technical performance, which is why we know our services are more than just good for our clients. They’re excellent.

Technical Excellence

Our engineers and technicians are highly skilled and qualified. Holding respected certifications and qualifications in most areas.

A True Business Partnership

We look beyond the technicality of IT. We build strategies for accelerated business growth through the alignment of your IT and your business goals.

Contemporary Knowledge

We are constantly bettering ourselves in providing solutions more efficiently. Our staff are always up to date with industry best practices in order to provide you with the most cost-effective, quality and reliable solutions.

Support Facilities

We provide you with a dedicated help-desk for all your IT related rescues. A Project Lab for solution design plus a Test Lab for constant innovation on our IT solutions.

Rapid Turnaround Time

We have six warehouses stocked with servers, computers, laptops and hardware, plus a dedicated team of IT professionals who are always ready to take on more work. This allows us to roll out solutions much faster than other competitors.

Local Presence

With our HQ in Perth, we can provide local small-medium businesses ‘First Class’ dedication and service.

Broad Range Of Solutions

Our objective is to handle all of your IT – to provide you with complete ‘Peace of Mind’ while you focus on the core of your business. Our breadth of solutions allows us to turn towards a true business partnership.


IT Support & Managed IT Services Perth


Managed IT Services Perth

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Questions & Answers


Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. If you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered, please feel free to contact us.

Without an effective IT plan, your business can be left behind or worse, become a potential target for cybercriminals. IT can help improve productivity, reduce costs and offer greater flexibility within the workplace.

Each business will have a customised IT strategy created for them. In general, businesses should adopt a cloud-based computing service, advanced network security and up-to-date hardware and software. Outsourcing your IT services means most of these services are included, saving you the cost of updating your equipment.

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way businesses operate. Businesses using the cloud are more efficient and have greater flexibility – an essential for today’s working environment. Plus, cloud computing keeps your data more secure – another essential to fight potential cyberattacks.
MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. An MSP provides proactive IT services such as monitoring and maintaining computer systems, managing software and hardware, providing technical support and securing networks.
Managed Services refer to the proactive outsourcing of IT support and management to an external service provider, such as an MSP. The goal of managed services is to provide businesses with predictable and reliable IT support while reducing costs and improving performance.

There are several benefits to using an MSP, including:

  • Reduced IT costs: MSPs can offer IT services at a lower cost than in-house IT departments, due to economies of scale.
  • Access to expertise: MSPs have a team of IT experts with a broad range of skills and experience, who can provide specialised IT services.
  • Proactive IT management: MSPs can monitor and maintain IT systems, identify issues before they become problems and proactively take steps to prevent downtime or data loss.
  • Scalability: MSPs can easily scale IT services up or down to meet changing business needs, without the need for additional staff or resources.
  • Focus on core business: Outsourcing IT services to an MSP allows businesses to focus on their core competencies and strategic goals, rather than spending time and resources on IT management.
Cybersecurity is crucial in safeguarding businesses against the soaring rate of digital threats. Effective cybersecurity measures like data encryption, regular software updates and comprehensive staff training can prevent financial losses, protect business reputation and mitigate legal risks. Partnering with a specialised managed service provider for your cybersecurity further enhances protection and resilience against these cyber threats.
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