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Why it makes sense to outsource the IT support desk that serves your employees

Businesses of all sizes use computers and other IT resources in their operations. Nowadays, even mobile phones count as portable computers, so IT is definitely unavoidable. We rely on our devices so much that things can come to a grinding halt when our machines break down. 

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) would often have someone do double duty as an IT guy or hire a freelancer to come help them, but if they happen to be busy, unresponsive, or lack the necessary expertise, then firms won’t be able to avoid costly downtime. 

When you consider everything you stand to lose by counting on unreliable IT resources, outsourcing your IT help desk clearly becomes the most sensible thing to do. Here are five reasons why this is the case:

Your call will always be answered, and you’ll receive service as soon as you need it

Immediacy and reliability are some of the crucial things you’ll be paying for when you hire a help desk — otherwise, why bother reaching out? A professional IT support desk will never make you leave a message. Instead, they will receive your call promptly and prioritise your concerns because serving you is what they’re there for.

The external help desk will have the expertise you need

Unlike hiring one specialist to handle your entire fleet of PCs, outsourcing your support desk will let you tap the collective knowledge of an entire team. Technical issues are diagnosed and resolved faster and more thoroughly this way, saving you costs due to downtime and recurring problems.

Ancillary services maximise the value of your money

Beyond being reactive, support desks are proactive when it comes to many aspects of your IT scheme, such as data security, patch management, systems monitoring, industry-specific regulations compliance, and many more. These help prevent issues that can be detrimental to data security and productivity, and ultimately severely affect your bottom line.

Outsourced help desks are more cost-effective than internal hires

When you have IT support personnel in your payroll, you have to pay for their high salaries and benefits such as health insurance, retirement funds, and vacations — and you’ll have to spend more if you want to implement a 24/7/365 setup.

External help desks, on the other hand, can ask for reduced subscription fees, offer affordable and easy to manage pre-purchased time blocks, or issue bills when service is rendered because the costs for providing support services are spread across many clients. In other words, they are able to achieve economies of scale that would be impossible for SMBs to do on their own. 

You’ll gain a valuable IT partner that is invested in your success

The more an IT help desk service renders support to your company, the more it becomes familiar with your processes and IT environment. This familiarity becomes a wellspring of insights for improving and upgrading systems.

Excellent service begets trust and continued patronage, which ultimately leads to success shared between client and service provider. In a word, an external IT help desk is a partner that is incentivised to optimise the value of your IT investments and help sustain the growth of your business.

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