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What is patch management and why is it important?

Every year, 60% of small businesses suffer from cyberattacks, putting pressure on IT service providers, enterprises, and governments to raise awareness on the importance of information security. Antivirus programmers and network security providers continue to exhaust cybersecurity measures in a race to establish the most efficient anti-hacking apps and network security infrastructure.

One of the methods used to mitigate these risks is patch management. Patches are long or short codes that boost your system’s layer of protection, regardless of your business’s size. And just like a bandage that seemingly isn’t helpful in addressing a small wound, patches may seem unlikely to do much; that’s why they are often underestimated. However, patches are known to fix bugs in a program, post-installation. Manufacturers create these codes so that the program doesn’t have to be recreated from the top.

If you are skeptical about how patches can help increase your level of data security, read on about the importance and advantages of this digital ‘one-inch punch’ from within your system’s processes.

Immediate security. In the event of a data breach, or when a technical vulnerability is spotted early, a security patch becomes a first aid treatment to preserve remaining data from being infiltrated further. A patch applied at the onset of a would-be or an ongoing attack discourages hackers from carrying out their efforts to corrupt your network and steal valuable information. Not bad for something as little as a short code to save your company from reputational and financial losses.

Legal and security compliance. The constant upsurge in cybercrime has forced governments to be vigilant and rigorous in mandating data security policies to be followed by businesses in various industries. Failure to comply would mean penalties, revenue loss, and other business disruptions. Managing patches as a data security measure ensures compliance with government-mandated standards.

Business continuity means productivity. Bugs in your system dampen productivity, as they disrupt processes by causing computer crashes and system errors. Without a patch to remedy the situation, precious time and money are wasted. Patches help reduce downtimes by identifying weak points and improving them on the fly. A more holistic patch management system yields greater benefits by achieving a more secure IT environment.

Innovative, but not as costly. It is more cost-effective to have your patch management team apply fixes or upgrades to your application rather than buy new software, since updates are normally included in patches. A smart patch management team will help get you the codes to work around glitches and boost features that you might need.

Added protection for remote work. If your business has a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy, proper patch management can help protect the data in your employees’ mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc). Patches serve as a remote IT support solution, keeping your remote workers’ apps and devices updated and secured regardless of their physical location.

Reports on systems’ health status. An efficient patch management tool provides reports after automatically tracking updates on your cyber defenses. These reports are crucial because they give you an overall idea of your systems’ latest status, and pinpoints issues that need to be resolved ASAP. An intuitive patch management app should be able to give you the option to choose the type of report and the particular tool that you need to rectify areas of vulnerability.

Patch management applications are good to have since they empower you and your staff to curtail downtimes and potential cyberattacks. However, apps that may require some manual work may still eat up valuable time that could be spent on other tasks. If you entrust your patch management to a managed services provider (MSP), however, they will be able to provide you with the leading network security tools and solutions you need.

Austin Technology offers network security solutions that provide 24/7 security monitoring to minimise interruptions. They also have experts who will give you sound IT advice that fits your business.

If you would like to know more about how to prevent data breaches using patch management — and save time and money in the process — contact us today!



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