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Fortuna Financial

Fortuna Financial is an independent financial planning company based in South Perth established 2002.

The Company

Fortuna Financial is an independent financial planning company based in South Perth established 2002

The Challenge

Existing IT infrastructure was running very slowly for all staff, most problematic was their Exchange email setup.  The server was a 5 year old Small Business Server 2011 that was running out of resources, namely RAM.  A large capital outlay would not fit into their business model.


Due to Fortuna’s business address they could apply for a new NBN internet connection. They selected a 100mbps download by 30Mbps upload connection that would provide enough bandwidth for 15 staff.  This enabled the conversation to go down the cloud road and all the benefits of not having to purchase nor look after a server within the main office.  We moved their existing infrastructure into Austin Technology’s own private cloud within our datacenter in West Perth.  As this is was a hosted solution we could provide Fortuna with a competitive Microsoft SPLA offering on a month to month payment plan and avoid a large capital outlay.


Within Austin Technology’s private cloud we spooled up the virtual servers utilising the Hyper-V component of Windows 2012R2 datacenter licence to provide the virtual instances needed for the RDS, Domain Controller, Microsoft Exchange, Office and all Line of business applications.  As Fortuna had an onsite server we could provide them with the new environment without any major down time.


  • No on premise server to worry about, i.e. no power, cooling, backups or physical security concerns
  • Fully managed within Austin Technology’s own cloud
  • Opex pricing model that is part of one fixed monthly payment for IT support
  • The environment is quick, stable and suffers no slowdowns during the working day
  • All staff have the same working environment and can work from anywhere as long as they have access to the internet
  • Leveraged the cheaper NBN network with excellent performance
  • Project was delivered on time and on budget

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