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Austin Technology’s Top Programs for your Business.

In today’s world of information technology data runs the world and by using these top programs you can maximise your businesses efficiency so that you control the data and the data doesn’t control you.
Listed in the selected categories below are the top free and paid programs for your business.


VLC is a free to use program that effortlessly runs almost every known media under the sun.

GIMP is a free to use graphics and image editor that can prove use full if you need to extract or edit photos.


Skype is Microsoft’s free video chat and conferencing software, using VOIP technology Skype can connect you to your remote operating employees anywhere around the world in just a few clicks.

• Stride
Stride is a business oriented group video and file sharing app that allows users to work together and combine information across multiple locations.

Teamviewer is another screen sharing application that allows users to share screens and capture information from one computer to another.


Firefox is one of the top 3 free web browser applications that are currently used by computer users all around the world. It is fast reliable and contains stable updates with continued support.

Chrome is the fastest web browser on the internet at the moment with multiple updates and a great minimalistic display Chrome is the best browser for you!

Ublock Origin
Is a great adblocker for your Chrome and Firefox Browsers, if you don’t like having popups and wish for your search results to be filtered then Ublock is a great plugin for you.


Adobe Reader
Adobe is a great PDF reader that can open and view multiple PDF’s with current updates and tonnes of stability Adobe is the perfect reader for you.

7Zip is an archive file opener with a difference, it provides users with a simple interface and has many advanced options tailored to suit any business.

Nitro is a paid for professional PDF editor and viewer, if you wish to sign documents or create your own pdf’s then Nitro is the program for you.

Is a free screen capture and screenshot tool that allows users to capture pictures from their screens and edit and share them with others.


Office 365
Office 365 is your go-to productivity application with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access, with tonnes of helpful business oriented features Office 365 is the best productivity app for you.


Evernote is a free and paid for file sharing application that allows users to give backup multiple documents in the cloud and share them with other users.

LastPass, is a free and password generator and storage vault that allows users to save and store their passwords in the cloud.


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