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The hidden costs of bad IT

When used properly, IT is an impressive force multiplier. To illustrate, one AI-powered chatbot can address the most common concerns of countless customers, all without ever requiring sleep, lunch breaks, days off, or vacation time. When implemented properly, IT allows companies like yours to grow quickly in a short period of time.

However, as with any tool, IT must be wielded properly and with intention. Otherwise, it may cost your Perth business dearly. Here are the ways that bad IT can cause (or is already causing) significant financial losses.

Shadow IT
Shadow IT is the use of unvetted devices and programs for accomplishing tasks. This usually involves employees using their personal computers or smartphones and installing apps and plugins meant to help them do their jobs. While your staff may be well-intentioned and show initiative, shadow IT exposes your network to devices and programs that may be riddled with malware, which in turn could lead to costly data breaches and downtime.

To prevent shadow IT from taking root in your organization while still empowering your staff to use the IT that best suits their needs, implement strong policies for device enrollment and software vetting. For this and other related IT concerns, turn to our specialists at Austin Technology. We can cost-effectively manage your IT for you.

Redundant and underused software
Before you allow staff to use any program or Software-as-a-Service app, make sure to check its cost implications. Many of the apps worth subscribing to are often the ones you pay for, and while each may be inexpensive on its own, costs can add up easily if you aren’t careful. In fact, you may be paying for apps your staff members barely use and/or multiple apps that do the same thing. And if you factor in the time and effort teams spend on manually converting data from one app to another due to compatibility issues, then that’s even more money burnt.

You can avoid overspending on software by regularly conducting audits, which will uncover unnecessary subscriptions you ought to cancel. Or better yet, have our IT experts optimize your IT systems for you.

License penalties
Never consider using pirated software as a cost-cutting measure because you may be penalized heavily for it. So, instead of saving money, you may just end up losing more of it.

Again, a software audit will be helpful here. By undergoing an audit, you can easily spot programs with invalid licenses so that you can purge them from your system and replace them with properly licensed software. Let our license procurement team help you out!

Cloud mismanagement
It’s easy to scale up your use of cloud resources during upticks in business activity, but there is the risk of forgetting to scale back down when things slow down. Additionally, you may also forget to shut down cloud instances that you’re no longer using. These and many other easy mistakes can make you overspend on the cloud.

To optimize your cloud spend, avail of our Managed Cloud services.

Nonexistent or misconfigured backups
It’s easy to take data for granted, but once it is lost or locked away by ransomware, operations may be severely disrupted. Sufficient backups may mean additional costs for your business, but these may prove priceless once you finally need to use them.

To ensure that you can resume operations quickly after a data loss event, rely on our Managed Backup services.

For anything and everything IT, turn to Austin Technology. Leave us a message or call us at 1300 787 429 today.


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