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Save Money on IT Hardware by Partnering With a Managed Services Provider

Unlike a salesperson, a manufacturing company, or a computer repair shop, an MSP has a number of incentives to encourage a thoughtful procurement process. They want you to be absolutely certain you have the right IT hardware for your business model to reduce the number of potential technology problems.

More than anything else, MSPs are business partners who thrive in long-term relationships. Their goal is to work with what you have and make sure you allocate your resources strategically. But not all MSPs are the same. An effective one should deliver the following benefits without sacrificing customer service:


You get the best prices, hands down

The mere fact that MSPs typically have strong tie-ups with leading suppliers should get you to consider hiring one. These companies purchase in bulk so you can expect competitive corporate pricing. Austin Technology, for example, has a strong relationship with Austin Computers retail outlet that has a buying power superior to other providers — we’re talking over $30 million worth of products purchased each year. They also maintain fully stocked local warehouses that enables Austin Technology and our customers a fast turnaround time when purchasing hardware.


You leverage their expertise (and concern)

Expertise truly goes a long way. A knowledgeable MSP is your best ally when you’re planning to purchase IT hardware, but a responsible one guarantees you save money.

Purchase only what you need – Be cautious of opportunistic MSPs that try to talk you into buying equipment you don’t need. A legitimate MSP will examine your existing hardware (and software), carefully plan solutions, and recommend anything that needs to be fixed, updated, or replaced.

Consider scalability – MSPs have experienced technicians who are well versed on the latest hardware advancements. They make sure your infrastructure meets the varying demands of your busiest periods and copes with unforeseen changes. Furthermore, they ensure your business continues should there be any hardware failure. All these allow your organisation to save on costly upgrades and repairs.

Reduce downtime and ensure compliance – When your hardware operates smoothly, you eliminate all expenses associated with operational downtime and noncompliance fines. Thanks to an MSP, protocols and best practices are followed strictly to assure efficiency and productivity year-round.


You avoid hasty purchases

You’ll also avoid making uninformed purchase decisions when you turn to an MSP. IT is such an integral part of an organisation, and to keep it running swimmingly, you need access to industry experts who know which vendors offer the most durable hardware.

An MSP ensures you will never make short-sighted purchases again. They organise all the necessary data — such as purchase dates, patch installations, and upgrade histories — so you properly keep track of your purchases in accordance with your long-term plans.


You get excellent support

Above all else, a great MSP bridges the gap between your goals and the numerous potential solutions that will help you achieve them. MSPs have expert technicians who regularly evaluate IT infrastructures, validate system utilisation, and recommend any change if needed. You don’t have to worry about your hardware not being in top shape as they offer constant analyses on the status of your IT operations.

A good understanding of hardware products enables an MSP to identify optimum solutions and provide subsequent implementation and ongoing support for your organisation. At Austin Technology, we have a team of experts who are always ready to address your concerns. Get in touch with us today!


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