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PowerApps and Flow: why you should be excited about these Microsoft 365 services

Upon acquiring shiny new equipment, you’re probably not itching to read the thick manual; instead, you want to ravage the box and start playing with your new toy immediately. Unfortunately, a lot of technology makes you jump through a lot of hoops. The same is definitely true for the process of designing and creating custom business applications.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your company could brainstorm apps that speed up operations and change the way you do business for good? While there may not be a shortage of ideas, it’s the availability of resources, such as in-house coding experts, that are often in short supply. With the powerful combination of Office 365’s cloud services, PowerApps and Flow, this scenario can become a reality. Here are some reasons why you should get excited.

How PowerApps Helps

Coding language is a special set of syntax that defines how to accurately write or format a code, which computers execute when developing software or creating scripts. If that sounds complicated, that’s because it is. With PowerApps, there’s no need to learn any of that.

PowerApps allows you to build web and mobile business applications using templates. You can create a customized app for accounting, sales, administration, and other department-specific tasks designed for your company, without the assistance of a developer.

Does your business require you to deal with client requests for price quotations? Using PowerApps, you can create a mobile-based app that will allow you to provide estimates and other similar business requests in minutes. Don’t just take our word for it, though. PowerApps has brought clear benefits to companies in various industries, such as in the case of an electric motor engineering company that benefited from a 15% increase in productivity, standardized processes, and excellent support thanks to this revolutionary 365 service.

Appointment setting, report generation, employee onboarding, and quality control are but a few of the tasks that you can simplify through PowerApps using data stored in cloud drives, including SharePoint and OneDrive.

An Introduction to Flow

Flow complements PowerApps by providing a platform where you can automate your business’s processes by connecting services that are separate but integral to each other’s functionality – including the applications you’ve created in PowerApps.

Most businesses deal with thousands of emails, and checking each one is undeniably tedious. Flow helps you with this all-too-familiar problem by letting you create a tool that eliminates the need to manually sort through every single incoming mail. With Flow, you can create a workflow that notifies you when you receive messages from your most important customers.

Not too keen on manually keeping track of mentions on your business’s Twitter page? Flow simplifies the task by allowing you to set up a system that lets you compile all your mentions, neatly listed in an Excel file you can review at your preferred time.

Benefits of a combined PowerApps and Flow

“I wish there was an app for that,” people often joke when wishing for an easy solution to everyday problems. For businesses that actually need to impose processes that save time and money, PowerApps and Flow offer a formidable solution. Whether it’s your customers or employers wishing for a more convenient way to receive notifications about a new product or company updates, these Office 365 services are sure to ease some of your pains.

When these two apps are combined, you create business efficiency magic. Manufacturing, energy, IT and other companies with a great need for a streamlined workflow often search for ways in which they can reduce time spent on routine tasks. With Office 365’s PowerApps and Flow, that’s totally possible.

We have no doubt that your organization can benefit from a unified experience offered by Office 365. The team at Austin Technology ensures seamless, disruption-free migration to the Microsoft-powered cloud, and we’re happy to discuss how enhancements such as PowerApps and Flow can help your business. Contact us now if you want to know more.



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