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How will Windows 7 end of life affect your business?

Microsoft declared that it will end all forms of support for Windows 7 by January 14, 2020. What does the continued use of this operating system (OS) past its end of life date mean for your business?

No support means no security patches

If you’re still running Windows 7 on any devices after its end-of-life date, you’ll no longer receive critical security patches, thus putting your business at increased risk of falling prey to cybercriminals. And with data breaches posing so many damaging legal and economic consequences, not investing in a supported OS will eventually cost you dearly.

You’ll miss out on the many new and better things that Windows 10 offers

  • Convenient security and feature updates
    Previous editions of Windows did everything they could to compel users into installing security updates, but a lot of people ignored them and ended up leaving their devices vulnerable. With Windows 10, Microsoft made critical security updates mandatory, and feature updates can only be delayed by a finite time span. However, this also means that the OS is always kept secure, with little or no patch management required on your part. While you can defer less important updates, the whole process is far more streamlined.

  • Cloud-powered features and functions
    Although you’ll need an Enterprise license to use Windows 10 in a virtualised environment, all editions of the OS come with integrated cloud features and functions. Examples include integrated OneDrive storage, automatic synchronisation of work between home and business devices, and simplified single sign-on for business users. This makes Windows 10 far more suitable for today’s flexible, remote working environment where employees often need to take their work with them instead of manually transferring files using a storage device.
  • Streamlined computer network configuration
    Upgrading to a new OS and applying subsequent updates used to be a major chore, especially for businesses with hundreds or even thousands of machines. Fortunately, it’s no longer necessary to manually install and configure Windows on each device individually. Thanks to Windows Autopilot, you can configure your own predefined installations and reset, repurpose, recover, and provision devices without having to manage any of the underlying infrastructure. All you have to do is set up your system configurations, store them in the cloud, and download them onto your PCs.

  • Enhanced security across complex systems
    No business can afford to let security take a back seat. Windows 10 isn’t just more secure because it’s newer — it also provides a far more sophisticated range of security features and functions than its predecessors. With the Enterprise edition, for example, administrators can get a complete picture of their device portfolio from a centralised dashboard, granting and revoking access rights as needed. 

Not spending on an OS upgrade will make you lose money due to process inefficiencies, data breach penalties, and eventual customer distrust, dissatisfaction, and departure. To help you transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10, turn to Austin Technology. Let our experts handle everything IT for you so that your business becomes wholly upgraded with zero setbacks to your operations.


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