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BioFlow Magnetic technology – supplier of magnetic wrist bands and Jewellery established 1995.

The Company

BioFlow Magnetic technology – supplier of magnetic wrist bands and Jewellery established 1995.

The Challenge

BioFlow entire infrastructure was run from a cloud based IT provider in Perth WA.  The most basic element of any cloud solution is connectivity.  BioFow had an ADSL connection, yet they were using a cloud server for 15 staff to run email, word, and excel all in an RDS environment.   They needed a solution to enable their staff to work without waiting for their applications to respond or even worst crash altogether.  They also needed a new IT company they could trust to provide a solution and to provide their business with a long term IT support.


Due to the high cost of a business class internet connection and the fact that BioFlow did not have a server, the decision was made to purchase a new on-premise IT infrastructure and install the latest versions of their applications.  Austin Technology understood BioFlow’s desire to maintain an Opex model for the works over 3 years similar to how they were billed when they had a cloud solution.


The RDS server was built in the Austin Technology NOC lab using Microsoft Windows 2012R2 and utilised the Hyper-V component to provide the virtual server instances needed for the RDS, Domain Controller, Microsoft Exchange and Office.  All the data was then copied over from the old cloud based server using the Austin Technology fibre link to save time and BioFlow’s scarce bandwidth and data plan.  The server was then deployed on site and tested with users.


  • Staff no longer are left waiting for their applications to respond. The environment is quick, stable and suffers no random outages.
  • All staff have the same working environment and can work from anywhere as long as they have access to the internet
  • Capex pricing model was retained for the business
  • The same internet connection is being used with acceptable performance
  • Project was delivered on time and on budget
  • Ongoing business relationship for both parties

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