If your Android device lacks a microSD slot, expanding its memory and accessing USB-enabled peripherals can be quite the challenge. However, if your device is compatible with USB On-The-Go (USB OTG), things just got a little easier. USB OTG is the specification that turns devices into USB hosts, able to connect with computers, storage devices, and peripherals like keyboards and mice directly or via a cable.

Many Android devices are equipped to work with USB OTG, but it’s still important to check before attempting to connect to another USB host. Apps like USB Host Diagnostics can help determine if your device is USB OTG capable. If it is, simply plug in your USB OTG cable and get started.

Kingston recently released a tool that makes the process even simpler by working without a cable. The DataTraveler microDuo is a flash drive built with a micro USB and full-sized USB connector. Load data from your computer onto the flash drive with the full-sized connecter, then flip it to the micro connector and plug it into your smartphone or tablet.

By Austin

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