IT Management

How can I better manage my server and network without the hefty costs?

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End-User Support

Desktop and End-User Support – how can I ensure that my end-users are getting reliable IT support?

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The Cloud

Understanding Cloud technology – what cloud option should I choose for my business?

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How can I have my own IT support department without having to hire IT staff?

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Want to achieve specific business goals and outcomes? Our IT solutions can align your IT with your business objectives.

Austin Technology provides a range of quality business IT solutions in Perth, Western Australia that are tailored to support your business goals and maximise your profits. By creating a dynamic infrastructure that adjusts quickly to the changing needs of your business, you are enabling your business to reach out to a larger pool of resources with greater efficiency. Our main focus is to develop long term relationships with all our clients and to ensure your IT solution meets the highest industry standard.

All IT infrastructures have the ability to improve in order to generate greater efficiency and productivity. We also understand that every business model is unique and therefore flexible IT solutions are offered after an in depth analysis is executed on your current business position.

Your initial consultation will be a crucial one. Aspects which will be considered during your initial consultation will include industry trends, your business goals, your clientele group, existing IT Support related issues within your organisation, and your current IT environment.

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