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Small-business technology, then and now

Decades ago, small-business technology amounted to using a Hotmail account or Yahoo Messenger to communicate with colleagues and clients. ‘Cloud’ was synonymous with rain. ‘IT support’ is two bespectacled men showing up in your workstation to fix a slow-booting PC, and hiring a Managed Services Provider (MSP) was a foreign concept. Today, businesses respond to […]


How to make employees less susceptible to cyber attacks

This may come as a shock, but your employees — not your outdated computers — are the weakest link in your company’s network security. While it’s true that an insecure network and the proliferation of sophisticated cyber attacks are key reasons for hackers’ success, human error actually plays the biggest role. Based on industry and […]


Top 5 challenges SMBs face when implementing a backup plan

Businesses deploy a backup plan not because it makes them more profitable, but because they are expected to have one. For some companies, not having the right backup system means a violation of compliance regulations. For unregulated businesses, it entails nothing more than risking exposure to disasters with little-to-no legal consequences. Small- and medium-sized businesses […]


Cloud computing myths and misconceptions — debunked

The advantages of cloud technology are varied and well-documented. Improved efficiency, faster workflow, and huge cost-savings are some of its undisputed benefits. Any business owner who has used the cloud, however, can attest to its complexity; so before using the cloud yourself, you may want to give it some more thought. As providers of a […]


5 Most common types of cyber attacks on small- to medium-sized businesses

The first step to falling for any cyber attack is believing you won’t be attacked. This seems to be the case for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Australia, where 19% of 1,023 surveyed SMBs had been attacked — twice as many as their US counterparts, based on a cyber security survey. And as if […]


5 Critical considerations for your disaster recovery strategy

When disaster strikes, you can either sit and watch all your hard work go up in flames or you can do something about it. Fortunately, managed services providers have made the latter a much simpler option by consulting on effective disaster recovery plan. According to Nationwide’s annual survey, 25% of small- and medium-sized businesses never […]


Office 365 productivity-enhancing features you probably didn’t know about

Thanks to Office 365, offices have made great strides in increasing collaboration and efficiency. Some Office 365 features — like linking to files to prevent bulky email attachments — are so crafty that users tend to overlook them. This seems like a very basic feature that ought to be used by everyone, yet many miss […]


What Microsoft’s OneDrive enhancements mean for your business

Remember when you had to fax documents, send and receive messages on your pager, print every single office document, and pass around the minutes of your weekly meetings that always had to be conducted face-to-face? Such tedious office tasks were the norm in companies during prehistoric times. Quick technological advancements made most of these tasks […]


5 Ways cloud technology improves your business

5 Ways cloud technology improves your business The cloud – it’s up in the sky, but it’s also grounded firmly in the world of business IT. Cloud technology changed the computing landscape by providing constant accessibility, unparalleled convenience, and tougher-than-expected security for businesses of all sizes. Its benefits are manifold, and with many managed IT […]


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