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Common Microsoft Office 365 challenges and how to overcome them

Over a million companies around the world are now using Microsoft Office 365, the world’s industry standard in workplace productivity software. Providing the familiar functionality of the Microsoft Office platform along with all the benefits of cloud enablement, there are many reasons for its popularity. However, many businesses are still primarily reliant on in-house systems […]


4 Signs it’s time for your business to undergo a cybersecurity assessment

As businesses migrate to the cloud and make use of an ever-wider range of web and mobile technologies, cyberattacks are increasing exponentially as well. Even for small companies, keeping an entire corporate computing infrastructure locked down is a full-time job. Furthermore, today’s customers are getting pickier about who they choose to do business with, so […]


The hidden dangers of spam mail

Spam emails are an unsolicited chain of emails sent in bulk. They were used in the past for some good-hearted product promotion but have eventually been criminalised due to their intrusive nature. Unfortunately, spamming also appeals to con artists, and 40 years after the first spam email was sent, it remains a potent threat. Regular […]


4 Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Migration to the Cloud

Cloud computing is a must-have solution for cutting costs and increasing productivity. But it may be difficult to achieve these benefits if you don’t have a clear-cut migration strategy. There’s a lot that goes into ensuring a smooth migration, so we’ve compiled a few helpful tips. #1. Start with a Technology Assessment Migrating to the […]


What are hackers really looking for when they attack small businesses?

Outsourced IT providers love to rattle off statistics when trying to convince owners of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) how important cybersecurity is: Australian businesses and government organisations are expected to spend up to $3.8 billion in cybersecurity in 2018… A 2017 Norton SMB cybersecurity survey pegged the average cost of a cyberattack to an […]


Recent Office 365 Updates You Should Know About

Office 365 has shifted from offering essential business software as a pay-once license to a subscription-based model in which you always have access to the latest software. As such, the world’s most popular productivity and collaboration suite is regularly updated to address the fast-changing needs of the modern workplace. Here are some of the most […]


How Small Businesses Can Protect Themselves from Phishing Scams

Did you know that more than half of all emails that land in our inboxes are spam? As if that’s not enough, almost half of all spam emails contain malicious attachments or links. The most common of these threats come in the form of phishing scams, which are designed to dupe unwitting victims into giving […]


What to do in case you get infected with ransomware

Australian businesses were spared from the WannaCry attacks, which affected 200,000 businesses worldwide. Its impact was only recently felt when it infected 55 traffic cameras in Victoria, causing motorists to be incorrectly fined. However, large-scale cyber attacks like WannaCry are not one-off events, and the next big heist could be right around the corner. Even […]


Small-business technology, then and now

Decades ago, small-business technology amounted to using a Hotmail account or Yahoo Messenger to communicate with colleagues and clients. ‘Cloud’ was synonymous with rain. ‘IT support’ is two bespectacled men showing up in your workstation to fix a slow-booting PC, and hiring a Managed Services Provider (MSP) was a foreign concept. Today, businesses respond to […]


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